Embedded Software Design

Our staff has a thorough expertise in embedded software design, based on more than 15 years of experience that can be delivered in the development of embedded and real-time applications. Our detailed knowledge of embedded software (languages, tools and methodologies) and electronics enables us to develop architectures that deliver the performance required while minimising cost and development time. Using structured and object orientated design techniques we create designs which are reliable and easy to maintain and to extend.

Reference Design staff is able to handle in diverse real-time embedded software development for applications ranging from motion control, telecommunication (PANs), digital signal processing. Working with a large selection of processors and DSPs (ARM9x6, ARM Cortex Mx, 8051, Texas Instruments MSP430, Microchip 8 and 16 bit families) we have created leading edge, innovative designs, solving some really tough,demanding problems. Our disciplined approach ensures the products are optimised for cost, performance and quality to fully address the customer goals and product requirements.

Specialist Areas
• Hard real-time embedded software applications (including Windows CE and embedded Linux)
• Image capture and processing
• Active noise cancellation and vibration control
• User interfaces and client / server applications on Windows and Unix (Qt)
• General Purpose PC Software (Visual C and Visual Basic)
• Android applications for smart phones
• Digital signal processing

• Complex, high performance algorithms modeling and implementation
• Safety related software (see Certification (mettere link) )
• Electric motors control (sensored, sensor-less)