PRAEL - Practical Electronics - Srl

PRAEL is an enterprise committed to design electronic systems from concept to production.

About company


Practical Electronics

The ability in the electronic design, both hardware and software, makes the company a reliable and innovative technical partner. PRAEL Srl has been officially founded on 2014 as spin-off from a previous research and product development experience. PRAEL expertise is being applied on development of components, systems and finished products for telecommunications, consumer and industrial applications.

Current Services

System Design

Our paradigm is to offer toour costumers a ‘Concept to Product service’ including all the steps required from ‘High level System Design’ to a Manufacturing & Testing specifications.

Analogue Design

Our company can offer analogue design services including specifications, circuit schematic, modeling and simulations of both discrete (schematic entry for PCB) and integrated analogue circuits (mixed signal ASICs).

Digital (RTL) Design

Our company can offer digital RTL design and HDL verification services for both ASIC and FPGA including RTL migration from / to ASIC and FPGA. We will deliver efficient synthesizable, DFT friendly RTL as well as verification and validation, behavioral coverage-driven HDL test beds in System Verilog (preferred, using SVA and UVM), Verilog or VHDL.

Embedded Software Design

Our staff has a thorough expertise in embedded software design, based on more than 15 years of experience that can be delivered in the development of embedded and real-time applications. Our detailed knowledge of embedded software (languages, tools and methodologies) and electronics enables us to develop architectures that deliver the performance required while minimizing cost and development time.