Certification Support

Our company is experienced with the the IEC/UL 60730, and as a consequence can offer support to any customer which needs to achieve certification of an electronic control operating in AC appliance which is required to comply with the ‘IEC/UL 60730 safety standard for household appliances’, to ensure safe and reliable operation.
Applying the IEC/UL 60730 standard to the design of white goods and other appliances improves safety for consumers. Most companies that develop home and consumer appliances and motor-controlled applications are choosing to comply with the standard for products to be marketed globally. That means they require components that can be certified as IEC60730 compatible.
This standard discusses mechanical, electrical, electronic, environmental, endurance, EMC, abnormal operation constraints of AC appliances. Our service will help customers to solve the puzzle of interpreting and apply the IEC/UL 60730 standards.
Specifically for MCUs, IEC/UL 60730 ‘Annex H: Requirements for Electronic Controls’ details new test and diagnostic methods to ensure the operation of embedded control hardware and software for appliances are safe. We can aid to make the SW embedded into your household application compliant in accordance to the Annex H safety requirements and address / analyze / produce all the necessary and required bunch of documentation.